Arguably, 2018 Students’ Union (SU) election will be a crossroad for the Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan leadership realm.

According to the last amended Student Union constitution of this prestigious institution, it gives the daily part-time Higher National Diploma (HND) students to vie for vital political positions at both the SU and departmental level. Equity amongst the ND and HND. Isn’t it?

As an eminent campus journalist and a sane-observant student in FSSIB that closely witnessed two different SU elections, I observed that expatriate students do come out to vie for offices, which, you will agree with me , is detrimental to the effectiveness of student unionism.

Who is an expatriate student?

An expatriate student is a student that has absconded from his or her academic responsibility, more or less like a truant.

You may have noticed that some aspirants came out of their extinction or from the blues to aspire for an office.

They do not have pleasant record(s) in their respective departments. Their coursemates cannot reckon with them to any length.

Apparently, an expatriate does not know the pot holes to fill. He or She is just interested in the self-benefits of the office he or she vies for.

How can a visitor come up with a panacea when he or she is oblivious of the challenges in the house?!

When these expatriates get the mandate for a particular office, they tend to abdicate from the school, and yet be a position occupant.

Many a time when issues of tyranny, prejudice or discrimination occur in time past, sardonically, expatriates who turned position occupants are arguably nowhere to be found. And their absence is of no avail to the students nor is it for the goodwill of the great citadel of learning.

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I bet we don’t want this abysmal acts to occur anymore.

An immaculate leader must be present when it rains, and when the sun shines.

This polemic is not directed or subjected to any aspirant. It’s rather culled from the sane observations of an amiable pressman.

I believe in a society that gives utmost freedom and respect for people to franchise (to vote and to be voted for).

For the goodness of mankind or FSSkind, I hope you open your heart and ponder on this. And do well by sharing with others FSSkind

Let us keep soaring.

Oluwatosin ‘Jahworthy’ Ologun is an alumnus of FSSIb and he writes from the ancient city of Ibadan.

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