FSS Decide 2018: Why Should The Best ‘MAN’ Win the Coming Election In Federal School of Statistics


Episode 00 – The Preamble

Peacefully graduating from school as a high ranking Officer of the Student Union is a very wonderful thing in other academic climes but not in FSS.

Why? Because we necessarily do not find ourselves in a situation that warrants severe face off with the powers that be, so much to the extent of a ‘SDC’ letter.

However, for some of us, standing aloof from Student Unionism especially when you’ve played your cards to the utmost prudence of your leadership and managerial acumen is what we cannot do for so long. We always get dragged into the campus polity overtly or covertly.

Of course it interest so many of us to know that after about two years of hollering “`Aluta Continua“` and then venturing into some saner business of life; further academic adventure, career building or business, we are still held in high esteem by the generation that rules after us perhaps by sheer lip service or in the true sense of fraternal camaraderie.

Howbeit, as much as I have always tried to shy away from this center discussion of Student Unionism in our politically great but not so academically and structurally fantastic alma mater, it’s a pity I found myself doing this.

But then our fathers in Yoruba land will say “`‘Omo to so ile nu, o so apo iya ko’“` meaning he who forgets his home, hangs his chastisement over the roof and then “`‘T’eni n t’eni, t’ekisa ni taatan’.“`

So many times I have had to laugh when despite being trained as a radio broadcast professional at West African best broadcast college, I always find myself including Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan in my Curriculum Vitae.

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Therefore, the basis of my argument in contributing to the discuss as the event leading to the election of another set of Student Union executives unfolds, remains genuine that silence is a crime but not only in an unjust society but in a society where if things go wrong eventually, there will always be a way to attribute the haywire situation to you.

‘I thenceforth launch my #10DaysCountDown writing spree starting from Wednesday 9th of May in a bid to guide the thumbs of the electorates in voting the right candidate at the FSS SU Election.’

Unfortunately, I get carried away, so much as to write long notes but I sincerely hope that you endeavor to keep your cerebral and intellectual mind open and share the message with friends.


My name is Mujaheed Yusuff Maruff

No Accolades; I am just me.

#10DaysCountDown #FSS.SUElection

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