No Election, No Examination: Students’ Unionists Protest Management Decision to Postpone SUG Election

Members of the Students Union led by the newly-elected Electoral Chairman Amoo Akeem were at loggerheads with the Dean of Students’ Affairs (DSA) Dr. Sunday Adewale on Thursday evening after he proposed that the Students’ Union Government elections, which had been scheduled for Friday, be postponed till next semester. – Proudly Ladokite

The DSA mentioned ‘security threats’ as one of the reasons why the election should be postponed. He was said to have gotten intel from state security agencies that there was an impending security threat against the election.

On the other hand, a faction of the students’ union claimed the DSA was being influenced by an opposing faction to stall the election for political benefits.

However, in a memo sent later in the day, the school management announced their decision to suspend the SUG election, stating a number of reasons including the upcoming examinations.

The students’ representatives collectively opposed the DSA’s proposition, in the process causing some commotion at the Students’ Affairs Building.

The unionists argued that postponing the election would be detrimental to the union considering that most of the contenders for principal offices would be going for Industrial Training after this semester, causing the time and resources put into their campaign to be a waste.

Although unrelated, the unionists also protested the fact that ‘Crossing Students’ were yet to be sorted out despite there just few days to the semester examinations.

After much pressure from the students, the DSA called the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Adeyemi who reportedly agreed to meeting on Wednesday to resolve the issue.

Xclusive Update  Lautech Election: Laurel wins Students’ Union Presidential election

The management of LAUTECH has decided to earlier decided to  postpone the Students’ Union Government election till next semester, after a meeting.

In a circular signed by the University Registrar J.A. Agboola, the management resolved that “the Student Union elections should be put on hold till the beginning of the 2017/2018 Rain Semester; and the electoral structure as currently constituted should remain until the elections hold.”

The management listed the following as the reasons for this decision:

(i) The dissolution of the Students Representative Council (SRC)
which is part of the necessary process for the elections, dragged on
for too long by the students as it was done only on March 29, 2018.
(ii) Conduct of examinations takes precedence over elections
since the former rather than the latter, is the primary purpose of all
students being in the University.
(iii) Adherence to the rules and regulations guiding the
elections, especially as it has to do with the time allowed between
nomination of candidates for Students Representative Council (SRC) and
Central Executive Council (CEC) and election date have not been
strictly followed.

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