Women Beware: How Your Food Expresses Love to Your Husband

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Joy in your home can be determined by the state of your marriage and this can easily be affected by little things that you may not have been paying attention to including food.

It is a common saying that one of the major ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach and my sister, let me make you understand that some men do pay attention to details and I mean every detail.

If you have a man that is meticulous, who studies every action around him, you should know that he will never neglect the way his food is served.

Some men may open up and discuss this but some wouldn’t do so and this may be the simple reason that makes your food unattractive despite the fact that it has a good aroma and also tastes well.

I remember that my younger brother will always insist that his swallow must not be served with soup on the same plate, he wants it served separately or else he wouldn’t eat.

What is the Solution to This?

  • Ask Questions: you can choose to ask your husband how he perceives your food, how he prefers to be served and so on. Communication helps you to realize many things that have been neglected but can destroy your marriage.
  • Learn: the internet is a very useful tool that can be used to learn anything these days. You can make use of it to learn about the beautiful ways you can serve your food and make it attractive.
  • Express Love with your food: You can make different signs that express love when you serve food to your spouse especially.
  • Serve your husband like a king: your husband is actually the king in your home, so serve him as one. Let him know he is your king.

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